Born in Madrid in 1958, Chema Madoz is considered as one of the leading figures of Spanish contemporary photography. He studied art history at Madrid University between 1980-1983. From that time on he worked as a photographer.

Chema Madoz formed a language of his own by altering ordinary objects of daily life completing them with elements of surreal aesthetics: the objects in his photographs are taken out of their context of reality and through personal humor, are transformed in to different contexts. Madoz writes visual poetry with a subtle play of paradoxes and metaphores. By modifying ordinary objects and altering their function, context and everyday use, Madoz questions reality and invites the viewer to observe and speculate and discover the hidden poetry in these photographs.

Strangeness and familiarity are two notions that are intertwined in his photography. Strangeness because at first glance, his works shock and surprise the viewer. Familiarity, because the references he uses are recognised instantly. The viewer feels as if he/she is a partner of the artist. These two characterics of his work open an interesting dialogue with his photographs.

Madoz uses photography as a means to redefine his relationship with his immediate surroundings. His work focuses on the unusual presence of the items he chooses and arranges in intimate settings which he himself builds up and then photographs them in black and white. Thus, his work always comes out being open to new readings.