İsmet Değirmenci’s paintings, which make reference to the transformation of nature, are the experimental data not of an imaginative visualization, but of a spiritual internalization. The act of illustrating nature has to do with the transformation of a physical fact into a sensory event.

As mentioned before with regard to his prior works in his previous exhibitions; “…as the human being is one who not only perceives but also operates, how much longer will the human continue to treat nature, which he confronts and is a part of, as an object of his desire? Is there not a need for a creative distance, a remoteness? Until our own reticence meets the silence of nature, it doesn’t appear that this greed or this haste will be overcome.” İsmet Değirmenci creates a picture of this haste and greed.




Publisher Millî Reasürans T.A.Ş.

1st Edition, 1000 copies

ISBN 978-975-17-0000-1

Organization Millî Reasürans Sanat Galerisi

Elvan Tekcan, Ayşe Gür

Text Ümit İnanç

Translation Zeynep Kabukcu

Photography Mesut Güvenli

Colorseparation and Printing Mas Matbaacılık San. ve Tic. A.Ş.


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