When the earth becomes the totality of global networks, every nation starts questioning what makes their culture sui generis. Although many German artists emigrated to Paris in the 1950s and to New York in the 1960s, artists from other nations embraced Germany as their living and working habitat. These artists boldly depicted their brand new visual pursuits, and today this visuality is perceived as a natural part of their new local environment. Artists immigrating to Germany contributed to the emergence and evolution of the artistic creativity in Germany just as much as the German artists.

The exhibition Artspace Germany brings together the artists whose work owes much to the cultural and artistic life in Germany, and it proudly welcomes visitors as the first exhibition organized within the framework of international cultural policies in Europe.

Presenting works by Armando, Candice Breitz, Tony Cragg, Marianne Eigenheer, Ayşe Erkmen, Christine Hill, Magdalena Jetelová, Per Kirkeby, Joseph Kosuth, Marie-Jo Lafontaine, Nam June Paik, Giuseppe Spagnulo and herman de vries, the exhibition strongly underlines the cultural unity within the artistic multiplicity. Not only does the exhibition brings together

selected artworks over the last 40 years, but it also problematizes how various themes, media and artistic discourses affect forms of expression today.

Artspace Germany represents the artistic life in Germany which is marked by artists who emerged as international figures in art as either temporary or permanent residents of the country and adopted local and introspective approaches rather than following cosmopolitan trends over the last century. This is what makes Artspace Germany anything other than a national art exhibition demarcated by one single region and culture. This project revisits those artists who are rooted elsewhere yet all produce art in Germany.

Exhibition; ArtSpace Germany is an IFA Project, curated by Ursula Zeller. This international project has arrived to Turkey with the cooperation of Goethe Institute, İstanbul branch. Curator Ursula Zeller has been participated to the exhibition in Istanbul and performed an opening speech to the audience.

Ursula Zeller, Werner Meyer



This exhibition is an exhibition worldwide of IFA and has been exhibited in İstanbul Milli Re Art Gallery with the cooperation of Goethe Institute, İstanbul and IFA, Germany. The original book of the exhibition which was bilingual in english and german has been presented to the spectators through out the exhibition period but as IFA has all rights reserved of the book, we can not share the book online. For further information please visit the home page of IFA.


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